Autonomous. Composable. Hybrid.

Composable Infrastructure

We abstract all your datacentre resources (compute, storage and networking) from their underlying physical form and manage them through code to be deployed for any and all application needs on-demand. This allows IT teams to deploy resources quickly for any type of workload via a single pane of glass.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

We unify compute, virtualisation, storage, networking and security into a single solution that can be deployed and scaled without running into management complexities or its performance bottlenecks. This allows organisations to combine the speed and ease of the public cloud with the security and control of on-prem infrastructure.

Global Data Management

We provide a single platform to combine backup, instant restore, disaster recovery, archival, search, governance and copy data management across datacentres and clouds. Break free from data silos and have a unified system of record.

Modern Workplace

With the need for teams to collaborate across geographies, organisations want to make business applications available to employees securely anywhere, anytime, any device. Reduce TCO and improve employee satisfaction through BYOD.

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